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Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Family Secrets – Chapter 3

Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Family Secrets – Chapter 3

Isabella’s P.O.V.
I wake up to George shaking me, he does this every day at exactly 9:00 A.M. When I try to sit up I get my first surprise of the day, Perry is curled up on my chest and sleeping peacefully. He wakes up when I move, he looks at me and chatters loudly, then walks out of my room. As I take a shower I wonder how he managed to get in, I remember that he is a secret agent and think about the day I found it out. I am trapped in a cage by Vanessa’s father, Perry is standing between me and Doofenshmirts. He is wearing a cute little brown hat and is giving Doofenshmirts a look that would have curdled milk, Doofenshmirts starts talking to Perry as I sit in my cage and think about how I finally get Phineas to notice me then get trapped in a cage where I’ll probably never see him again. Perry jumps up and punches Doofenshmirts in the face, Perry frees me from my cage, then leads me to a hover-jet. He gets in and motions for me to do the same. I turn the water off and step out of the shower. As I get dressed, I wonder why Perry is in my house. As I walk into the kitchen I see George balancing knives on his hands, He throws them to me as I walk in. I catch them out of reflex and tuck them into their sheaths, one behind the sash on my shoulder and one in my wasteband. As I start to eat some Lucky Charms, George walks over to a window and looks at Phineas and Ferb’s house. I look too and see Linda and Lawrence get into their car and drive away, Candace is nowhere to be seen. George points to Buford’s house, I look and see him with a few friends heading for the Flynn-Fletcher household. Phineas and Ferb are looking for something and don’t notice, Buford charges at Phineas and sends him flying into a tree trunk. Phineas slides down it with a groan, touches the back of his head, then gets hit in the face by Buford. Ferb has two people that i haven’t seen before on him while Baljeet is following Buford around like an obedient dog. I set down my uneaten cereal and stand up, then see Perry laying in a doorway. I walk over and pick him up, he chatters excitedly as I stroke his back. Then I follow George over to Phineas’s house, I see Phineas trying to get up and rush over to help. Buford tries to attack me while I am helping Phineas to his feet. George pops out of the shadows, grabs his arm in mid-swing,and throws him into Baljeet. As Phineas gives me a kiss I feel Perry go rigid in my arms, I see Baljeet and Buford pull knives on George, who appears to have only his cane. I try to get to George but Bufords friends block my path, I look down at Perry, who looks up and nods. I give the two the same smile George had given Buford yesterday, they hesitate, so I throw Perry at them. He sinks his spurs into one’s face as the other charges at me with what appears to be a steak knife, I dodge his cut as Baljeet flies by with the marks of his fight with George. I pull out the knife in my waistband and sink it into the foot of the person i’m fighting with. Two more people go after George as Baljeet gets back into the fight, George still has the smile on his face even though four blades are pointing at him, he twists his cane and pulls. A sword comes out of the cane, still gripping the snake’s head, he lunges at Baljeet. But instead of stabbing him, he takes the base of the cane and smashes it into his head, knocking him unconsious. The two that were facing George were looking like they regretted coming, Perry is pounding the the one I threw him at. I have never seen him hit anyone so hard, not even Doofenshmirts had ended up as bad as this guy. The other was trying to dig my knife out of his foot, I take the knife out of my sash and hit him in the temple with it, I pull my blade out of his foot after i’m sure he’s unconsious. Ferb is still fighting two more people and has Phineas protecting his back against another one. I slouch into the shadows and head to where George is, as I do I recall what he told me a few years ago. We are standing in our backyard, we are both holding sticks and getting ready to spar. He wants me to be able to protect myself, as we take a defensive stance he tells me “When you are trying to hide, move slowly to reduce noise. And when you do make noise that alerts them, freeze. Most people confuse speed with stealth, which gets them caught. As I head towards George he allows himself to be backed into the shadows, I step on a stick and it breaks, which causes Buford and his friends to turn around. I dash away from George, hoping they see the movement. They try and catch a sight of me as George seems to melt into the shadows behind them, they turn around to find he’s gone. Thinking he ran, they go for Ferb and Phineas. Two of Bufords friends fall, it is obvious why, one of them has George’s sword sticking out of his back while the other has his own knife in his chest. I’ll never be able to figure out how he does it, I shake my head as he steps out of the shadows that hide him and takes his sword out of the back that it is stuck in. I sneak up behind Buford, jump on his shoulders, and sink my knives into his shoulders. I surprisingly miss anything vital, but now his arms are useless. Buford looks crestfallen as he realizes that his arms are now useless, he calls for his friends and starts to leave. He looks at me, charges at me, and has Perry jump on him from behind. I turn away from an unconsious Phineas in time to grab Perry, who was thrown by Baljeet. Vanessa walks over and sees Ferb fighting with his two opponents. “Phil, Chris! Why are you attacking my boyfriend?” The two boys take a look at Ferb, then at Vanessa, and laugh. She turns red, pulls out her fathers gun, grins, and catches them on fire. Ferb manages to wake Phineas up, as the two try to put themselves out. George cleans his sword on the grass, hands me mine, and starts laughing as I walk over to Phineas, put down Perry, and kiss Phineas. He cries out in pain and looks down, I follow his gaze and see Perry right next to him. I look at Phineas’s leg, and see the same holes that Ferb has in his hand. I look at Perry, but he is glaring at Phineas. Across the yard, Ferb looks at me and Perry thoughtfully. I also notice George staring at me, this day just gets weirder and weirder.

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Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: The Chaotic Christmas Chapter 5

Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: The Chaotic Christmas Chapter 5



dee dee dink, ba dee dee dink, ba dee dee dink.
slapped his hand on his alarm clock, trying to stop the constant
ringing from waking up his parents so early in the morning. Ferb had
made sure that their alarm clock was set to 5:00 am, so that way they
would be awake before many other people on their street were.

Phineas groaned, not wanting to get out of his bed. But even though
Phineas was still half asleep, Ferb was already dressed and ready to
show Danville their display of lights. Ferb walked to Phineass
bed to wake him up.

Phineas, Ferb whispered, gently shaking his stepbrother to jolt
him awake.

Phineas asked in a harsh

on, weve gotta put the finishing touches on our display outside.
Isabella and The Fireside Girls are already in the front lawn waiting
for us. Besides, waking up early was your
idea, remember?

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This is what you get trying to Drizzle your brothers all the time

Phineas And Ferb Characters Nude

This is what you get trying to Drizzle your brothers all the time
Ubiquitously celebrated Phineas and Ferb heroes with their glorious return with their new naughty ways in this blog fuck report! We are anxious to nail this bosomy and babe. I had this fantasy to catch a glimpse of Phineas and Ferb XXX hotties who enjoy fucking above all ;)

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