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Vanessa as sexy bunny!

Phineas And Ferb Charcters Naked

Hentai Picture: Vanessa as sexy bunny!
We have got sea of the hottest fucking and fellating videos featuring Phineas and Ferb girls who want their sweet sleek pussies being sternly done fucked and smooched. That teen gets fucked by a footlong black rod, deep throating two thick cocks and gulps their sticky loads as the camera records it all! Phineas and Ferb characters do it again with a new episode of this hot fuck that cannot get enough of each other and for their fuzzy dreams.

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Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Silence is Golden but Ductape is Silver Chapter 2

Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Silence is Golden but Ductape is Silver Chapter 2

Ferb, this is the place. Phineas said as we approached a very
sophisticated building that looked nothing like a place to confirm a
building permit. Phineas, are you sure this is the right place?
I asked him. These are the directions you printed up. 691 Chicago
Street. Phineas showed me the piece of paper. Phineas, how
stupid can you get? I said. Excuse me?! He said insulted.
You have the numbers up-side down! I said. He turned them right
side up. Shut up, Ferb. Then we went to 169 Chicago Street.
This is more like it! I said. Phineas nodded. Remember, when
we get home, you do your share of the roller coaster. I said.
Shut up, Ferb. Phineas was talking to the person when I heard
You think we can borrow one of those gadgets? It way Phineas.
The person said yes and we brought it home. Phineas set it up all by
himself, I was impresses. I also refused to help him. So Phineas
forced me into the back car with him. I crossed my arms. Now this
is the life. Phineas said. I told you, Ferb. Shut up,
Phineas. Someone needs a nap! Phineas called out. Thats
it! Get me out of here! Ferb, could you put up these flyers why
youre out? Phineas said as he handed me a whole stack of
papers. Phineas Zechariah Flynn, where did all of this come from?
Phineas gave me a mischievous grin. Oh Phineas! Youre sick!
Phineas burst out laughing.

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Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Phineas and Ferb The Love Story Chapter 3

Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: Phineas and Ferb The Love Story Chapter 3

Isabella was on her bed
asleep. She had fallen asleep thinking of his crush.

-Lets go with

Candace had been near
the Wild Parsnips again so she remembered the song she sang with her
mothers band and put it on the radio.

Those boys are
always up to something

And its bringing me
to tears

Cause just before
you get home it always just magically disappears

Those boys are Evil

But before you get home
they somehow always clean up the mess.

Those boys are evil


They built a

And a beach in the

Drove cattle trough the

And messed up the

They took me back in

When we went to that

They built 5 foot tree
house robots

But still you didnt
see em

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Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: The Hypno-Glasses

Phineas and Ferb Porn Story: The Hypno-Glasses

Hey guys. This is my first story so don’t judge.

It was a hotsummer day. Phineas sat under the tree in his backyard. Ferb sat beside him. “What should we do today?” Phineas asked his brother. Ferb wordlessly shrugged. “Hey guys.” Candace said coming outback. “Hey Candace.” Phineas replied. His sister as of late hand stopped trying to bust them and just went along with whatever happened. “Hey Candace, What should we do today? I can’t think of anything we haven’t already done this summer.” Phineas asked. “I saw a thing on TV about a┬áhypnotist. Maybe do something with hypnosis.” Candace suggested. “That’s it. Hypmo-Glasses. Thanks candace your the best.” Phineas said leaping up and hugging his sister. He hugged her and felt a weird sensation in his crotch. He noticed now that his hand was on her ass. she didn’t seem to notice. He let go and quickly headed to the garage. As he went out of sight behind the fence he adjusted his pants so his erection didn’t show. Ferb shortly followed. As they began to work, Phineas thought of the hug, and Candace and felt confused. He had never found Candace attractive. But feeling her firm, tight ass excited him. Soon with in an hour they had finished the glasses. Lucky for Phineas there was only one pair. “Now to test them. Hey Dad can u come in here.” Phineas called. With in a couple seconds their dad stood in the doorway. “Whats up boys?” Their dad asked. Phineas donned the glasses and set the hypno level to simple. “Now dad you think you are a chicken.” Phineas said. Suddenly their dad started strutting around and crowing and clucking. Phineas and Ferb laughed.”Okay. haha, oaky dad, stop just stand still now.” Phineas said. Their dad stood still. “So the glasses are a success.” Phineas said. But his mind still wandered to Candace. Her developed firm breasts, her elegant, sexy ass. He thought for a moment. Then a sinister idea came into his head. He took the glasses and turned the dial from simple, past advanced to the highest setting that read TOTAL CONTROL. He put the glasses back on and looked at Ferb. “Hey ferb.” He called. His brother foolishly looked and became hypnotized. “Now Ferb you will not disturb me and Candace no matter any scream or moaning or any noises you hear. Also you will go sit in the living room and stay there until i come get you and will allow mom do whatever i told her to do to you okay?” Phineas asked. Ferb nodded and left the room. Phineas got a wicked smile as he looked at his dad. “Dad you won’t disturb me and Candace no matter what you hear and you won’t stop mom if she has sex with Ferb. Do you understand?” He asked. His dad nodded and stood there. Phineas laughed evilly as he headed for the kitchen. His mom was there making dinner. He giggled slyly. “Hey mom.” He said. “Yes whats up?” She asked as she turned to him. She looked at the glasses and fell into their control. “Now mom, get naked.” Phineas said evily. He watched as his mother started to strip. First, she took off her signature yellow-orange vest. Then she began to unbutton her white shirt. Her huge breasts were held back by a thin white bra. Phineas stared at her breasts, her nipples easily seen through the bra. She then pulled off her bra. Then- soory will finish story next time.

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