Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: The Life of Flynn and Fletcher Chapter Nine

Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: The Life of Flynn and Fletcher Chapter Nine

A/N: So, here we go; the long awaited ninth chapter ofwell, you know. Enjoy, and R&R. Copyright and Trademark, The Walt Disney Company, Dan Povenmire, and Jeff Swampy Marsh. I dont own anything.

Flynn-Fletcher House, Sunset

As the sun set, the Porsche drove into the driveway. Isabella waved to the boys from her house steps.

See ya tomorrow, guys! Isabella shouted from her house steps to the boys as they stepped out of the car. It was great!

Yeah! Phineas shouted back, waving back. Ferb did the same. See ya!

Isabella went into her house, and Phineas sighed a breath of happiness, smiling. He pocketed his hands and slipped the keys into his back pocket. Just then, the car lit ablaze, and rolled back and out of the driveway, down a hill and out of sight.

Ferb whistled. Phineas shrugged, and threw the keys to the grass, walking alongside Ferb into the house.

Inside the House

Entering the house, they saw Candace dancing around the house dreamily, happy-like, throwing rose petals around her as she twirled.

Well she seems oddly happy, Ferb commented as she twirled around the two of them, humming a happy, cheery tune.

Thats because today was the best day ever! she exclaimed, looking at the boys as she kept twirling around. I got the whole house to myself, maxed out all of Moms and Dads credit cards at the mall, got to hang out with Jeremy at the Mr. Slushy Burger downtown, and best of all, she stopped and looked at the boys with a toothy grin for this one, I got to have a whole day with out you two little brats around pulling your weird little schemes. She hummed some more as she twirled out of the boys view.

Well, good for her, Phineas commented, as the door opened and Lawrence and Linda walked in.

Hey, boys, Linda said. How was your day?

The boys looked at each other. Phineas said, You know, normal. Kinda exhausting.

Well, fantastic, Lawrence said, wheeling in a huge, 8-foot gold trophy, topped with a golden hand shovel. At the bottom, it read WINNER! ARCHEOLOGIST OF THE MONTH: DANVILLE DIVISION! As you can see, Ive just won the covenant Danville Division Archeologist of the Month Trophy!

Phineas yawned, stretching his arms out. Faboo, Dad. But I think Ferb and I are gonna hit the sack. Its getting late.

The next morning, just after sunrise

Phineas crept up from his bed, yawning and plopping his lips solemnly. He sighed. He tilted his head ever so slightly to the window, which he responded gasping loudly. What the-?! He hit Ferb with his pillow, waking him up with a grown. He rose one eyebrow in response, meaning what?

Look. Phineas pointed out to the window, where Ferb rose his eyebrows shockingly as he saw a line of people, dancing through the side of the house. Well dont just stand there! Phineas flew out of his bed, starting to scale the window sill, unlatching it. Come on!

Ferb and him slid down the house, landing gently in the soft, evergreen grass, their bare feet and toes shuffling through the blades. They awed as the people partied through.

Phineas ran after the front group, pajama slacks waving in the morning wind. He shouted at the head man, with a traditional lampshade over his head, and long, slender blue jeans, barefooted and wearing a wife beater, Hey! Hey! Sir!

The lamp shaded man jumped, and duck walked over to the redheaded boy, lengthened with short slacked pajamas and a sloppy, baggy T-Shirt. He popped back up, and waddled in place as his long, slender arms dangled next to him, striking positions and hand signs at the wrong moments. Hey.

Hey, uhwhy are you guys conga dancing down my side yard? he scratched his head, cocking his head to the left.

Oh, yeah, man, were party-goers, he struck another unneeded hand sign with his noodle-like arms. We nomad our way around places and just party like its 99!

The rest of the goers cheered at that, and a mariachi man jotted up with maracas.

So, wait, all you guys do is parade around towns dancing and having parties? Phineas queried, looking a little anxious.

Uhyeah, said the lampshade man, striking him arms in an almost Kermit the Frog styling.

Phineas turned to his stepbrother. Ferb, I-I know what were gonna do today He pulled his collar over his head and hopped onto a stump. Were gonna party like its 99! The goers cheered, exchanging in several dancing moves. The mariachi man jumped up, Ole!

Ferb shook his head to the grass. God, its like Halloween of 05.

Garcia-Shapiro House, a few minutes later

Isabella was in her room, sleeping under her orange sheets. Her fluffy room was painted with Fireside Girl patches and badges, along with sashes of different colors hung on a wall next to a bookshelf. The bookshelf was topped with a frame with six patches in it and one ribbon. Along with this was several Fireside Girls handbooks, a few diaries, and one single pink unicorn book.

Isabella was resting peacefully, dreaming.

She mounted her valiant stead, a white, beautiful horse. She had a large sash over her gown with hundreds of glowing gold badges. She wrapped her arms around Phineas stomach to hold on.

Isabella, together we shall go to the land of rainbows, Phineas proclaimed, his flowing red hair flowing in the wind, a powerful sword held high in his hands. And there, we shall rule together.

Oh, Phineas, youre so wonderful, Isabella quoted dreamily to her love, eyes large and shining like blue rubies. Her raven hair was glistening like a rainy window. I love you.

And I you, Isabella, he leaned in to kiss her, her meeting her, and I you

They leaned to kiss, closer and closer until-

Hey, Isabella!!!!

Isabella shot out of her dream at once, and putted her head out the window, seeing Phineas standing next to Ferb, both still in their breezy pajamas. “Isabella!” Phineas shouted again, this time waving his hand, “com on down!”

“Okay!” Isabella shouted back, closing the window and turning around. He’s here! Man, do I ask him about yesterday? She shuffled out of her room. Or do I just let it slide? I mean, it-it was probably just a spur of the moment thing, right? She mounted downward and off of the stairs. Gah! I don’t know! All of these questions and decisions! She turned to see Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on the television. Great, more questions!

She opened up the house door finally, and walked around into her green backyard, her pink pajama-pants ruffling against the grass. She shrove over nest to the two boys, “Hey, guys. Whatcha doin’?”

“That’s why we’re here,” Phineas said with a large smile. “Ya see we ran into these ‘traveling party-goers’ this morning, and it gave me an epiphany! Do something we haven’t done since Django’s birthday-disaster: throw a party!” The mariachi man popped up again.

“So ya need me too gather the troops and help construct it?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course,” Phineas said excitedly, smiling with a toothy grin.

“Okay!” Isabella circled around to race back into her house.

Phineas turned back to Ferb. “Okay, Ferb, now, we’re gonna need some pyrotechnics, funky, surround-sound speakers, and a, uh, a disco ball!” Ferb nodded his head and darted off to gather such items. “Now, I guess I’ll have to take care of the rest.” The lead goer popped up behind him, and whispered into his ear.

“True party goers always delegate, little man,” was what he whispered. He then duckwalked off, venturing off with the rest of his goers, who all shouted in unison “Party!!!!”

Phineas thought of this, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Hmm….Delegation, aye?”

Meanwhile, back in Phineas and Ferb’s bedroom…

Perry finally got a break. Without Doofenshmirtz running amuck, he finally had time to rest and be peaceful. He was now sleeping on Ferb’s bed, peacefully dreaming about his soaps. Just then, he was awoken by a giant rumbling from the bed as it wobbled violently. It shifted, transforming robotically to form a computer screen with legs to support it. Perry fell off twittering, plopping his fedora on instinctively. Monogram fuzzed onto the screen.

“Hey, Agent P,” Monogram said, as Perry eyed him angrily. “Doofenshmirtz is still in captivity, to letcha know. But we need you to, uh, take….care of some…..uh…..Karl?”

“Subsequent valuing plot tie-ups?”

Monogram blew a raspberry.

“Valuable calm downs?”

Monogram blew another raspberry.

“Adiquit reconciliation based on temper tantrums?”

“There we go,” Monogram finally agreed. “Ya see, Doofenshmirtz is getting a bit, shall we say, stir crazy. Here’s a video tape from yesterday afternoon.”

The screen fuzzed to reveal a black and white bunk room, where Doofenshmirtz was throwing clothes up in the air. “*BEEP!* I don’t *BEEP!* understand why I *BEEP!* can’t just leave *BEEP!* my clothes lying *BEEP!* around the *BEEP!* floor!!!”

“Sir, we just want-” an SS SN soldier said trying to calm him down.

“No!! *BEEP!* I just want to lay *BEEP!* my clothes around when *BEEP!* I feel like it! Is *BEEP!* that too much to ask!?”

He was then tasered. “GAAAAHHH!!”

It fuzzed back to Monogram. Perry looked disturbed. “Honestly,” Monogram said, “he didn’t really curse, we just added that for effect, he-he….Anyhoo, we detained him, but things got worst that night when we turned off his soaps.”

It fuzzed to another black and white bunk, where Doofenshmirtz was kicking and screaming as he was being held back by another SS-SN man. “*BEEP!*-“

Perry chirped angrily.

“Fine, we’ll turn off the fake censors….” Monogram did so solemnly.

“No, NO!!! I have to find out what happens with Chase Onn and Cam!!! And what will happen if Mitchell never comes out of that coma! I need to knooooowwwww!!!! Gahhh!!!!!! I will destroy you all, you black-suited imputants!!! GAAAHHHH!!!” He was tazerded again.

It fuzzed back to Monogram, and Perry looked even more disturbed. “Yes, well… you can see he’s lost it. We blame cut-off of his former self. Go down their and try to ‘sane him up.'”

Perry sighed/chirped, and saluted. The bed turned back to normal, and Perry rolled out of the way of it crashing down. He stood on the floor for two seconds before the section rose to become a hover-board. He darted out through the still open window.


A/N: Okay, just so you aren’t confused, SS SN are those armored soldiers who came in at the end of Phineas and Ferb Get Busted/At Last! (./wiki/The_Agency#SS_SN for image clarification) Also, “Carmen Sandiego” is an old game show. Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed it!!

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