Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: The Chaotic Christmas – Chapter Three

Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: The Chaotic Christmas – Chapter Three

Chapter 3

Guys, I need you in the front lawn! Phineas called, trying to get everyone together. Okay, he started, its starting to get dark and we all have to go home in a few minutes, so lets make sure we have everything ready for tomorrow.

Isabella, The Fireside Girls, and Ferb lined up as they prepared for Phineass check list.

Isabella, Phineas started.


Do you have the reindeer tied to the sled?

Yes, theyre all in the back yard and ready to be moved tomorrow.

Great. Christmas trees?

Theyre in stands, watered, lit, tinseled, and ornamented.

Ex-cel-lent Phineas carefully pronounced each syllable as he crossed out another item on his clip board. He moved on to The Fireside Girls.


Sir! they all said in unison, answering as though they were in the military.

Is the laser light show set up?

All the lights, time, and music are synchronized, Gretchen, a Fireside Girl, answered.

Good. What about the live Nativity scene?

Weve got the actors, and we just finished their costumes.

Alright, everything seems to be in order here. Great work, girls. Phineas moved on to the last person, Ferb.


Ferb nodded his head.

Before Phineas could ask any questions, Ferb answered them all.

All of the lights are timed, and in all of the colors you wanted. Weve got the trees, fence, roof, and the rest of the house lit- basically every square inch, so watch where you step.

Phineas looked down at his shoes to make sure there were no broken bulbs.

The giant glass of milk has been poured, and the giant cookies are all baked.

If I may ask, Isabella interrupted, why is everything giant?

Phineas grinned. Because it has to be larger than life. Isabella gave him a quick smile before she heard her mom calling her.

Isabella, te necesito volver a casa, es hora de la cena!

S, mam, voy a estar all en un minuto!

Phineas stared at her. What did she say?

Isabella laughed. She needs me home for dinner. Ill catch you guys tomorrow morning when we finally reveal it all!

Bye Isabella! they all said.

The Fireside Girls then left to go to their homes as Perry waddled toward Phineas and Ferb. Oh, there you are Perry! Phineas said as he leaned down to rub him.

PHINEAS, FERB! Candace screamed. Theres even more stuff here than there was earlier! How did you? I dont wanna know, but you guys are gonna be so busted when Mom finds out!

Oh, Ferb sounded disappointed, you didnt call her?

Uh, no, I did call her- several times- but she was so busy caroling with her friend Charlene that she never answered her phone!

Perry was on the ground still getting rubbed by Phineas, so he was pretty much oblivious from everything around him. But three particular words Candace had just said stood out to Perry. her friend Charlene he thought. Isnt Charlene the name of Doofenshmirtzs ex wife? Hmm thats an idea Perry immediately stood up and began his journey back to Head Quarters.

Once he arrived, Perry turned on the screen. But, again, no one was there, and once again, he heard some familiar voices in the background. Dr. Lloyd Wexler, still in captivity, was sitting down to dinner with Carl while carrying out a conversation.

So then I said, Dr. Wexler began, If you want to be truly evil, you cant go around wearing pink, fuzzy slippers!

Ha, thats rich! said Carl, laughing so hard that he was beginning to wheeze.

So then hes all like, Who says you have the power to question me? And Dr. Lloyd Wexler paused. How long has that screen been on?

Oh, not again Carl whined as he walked to the screen. Agent P, again? Do you need Monogram?

Perry nodded.

Oh, alright, Ill go get him, Carl complained. As he walked away, Lloyd got up and turned the camera toward him.

So youre this Agent P Ive been hearing about? Oh yes, I recognize you. You were the one who sabotaged my trip to Evil Con.

Perry blushed, clearly responding to the guilt-trip.

Well, no matter. So I hear you needed me tomorrow, whats the occasion? Dr. Wexler asked. Perry showed a picture of Doofenshmirtz to the screen.

Egad! Lloyd yelled. Oh, please tell me your plan doesnt have something to do with this idiot!

Perry nodded yes.

Uhh, he sighed. You see, hes a part of my fan club, and he literally sends me millions of e-mails everyday. I mean, the fan mail e-mails were nice at first, but theyre such a bother now! Theyre taking over my inbox! He always sends me pictures of him too, because he wants to make sure I recognize him if I see him on the street or something unnecessary of that sort. Anyway, what do you need me to do for him?

Perry pulled a tape out of his hat and sent it through a chute toward the back of Head Quarters. A few seconds later, the tape arrived through a mail tube in Monograms area. Dr. Wexler got up to retrieve it.

You want me to play the tape?
Perry nodded yes again.

Okay Lloyd said, then hit the play button on the tape.

The tape played a recording of the conversation between Perry and Doofenshmirtz earlier that day.

So let me get this straight, Dr. Wexler said after the tape had finished playing, you need me to visit him on Christmas so he wont feel lonely?

Perry chirped.

Fine, Ill do it…

A familiar voice came back to the scene.

Agent P! Major Monogram said as he pushed Lloyd out of the way. Youre here again. What is it now?

Perry showed Monogram a picture of Charlene.

This wouldnt have anything to do with your plan for Doofenshmirtz to not be lonely tomorrow, would it? Monogram asked.

Perry glared at him.

I wasnt eavesdropping! I was just listening attentively.

Perry continued glaring at him.

Continuing on, Major Monogram began, so what, now you want Charlene to visit him, too?

Perry nodded.

Go ahead, Im not stopping you.

Perry smiled and climbed into the hover-car, it was time for him to visit Vanessa.

Back in the front lawn

Aww, Phineas yawned.

DONT YAWN WHEN IM YELLING AT YOU! Candace screamed, after all this time still trying to get her feelings out.

Candace, not that this isnt fun or anything, Phineas lied, but Im getting kinda tired, and I still have to do a final light check with Ferb. Im gonna go inside. Phineas left the front lawn to go inside for some dinner.

But wait! Candace called after him. Fine, fine, just leave! See if I care! Candace was about to follow him inside before she tripped on a string of Christmas lights.

Ooof! Candace gasped as she landed on the ground. Oh, Christmas lights, figures. She stood up and brushed herself off, when something bright caught her eye. Candace looked up and saw that the Star of David from on top of the Nativity scene was blinking.

Hmm, Candace thought, starting to take a tour of the work Phineas and Ferb had done. Ya know, she thought out loud, the yard doesnt look half bad. In fact, it doesnt look bad. Its actually pretty. By looking at the Nativity scene, but mostly the giant milk and cookies, Candace felt a sense of peace. Maybe Ill let this one go. Just this one, why not show some Christmas spirit? Candace walked inside the house with a smile on her face.

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