Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: God Save The Princess Chapter Two

Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: God Save The Princess Chapter Two


Lawrence was the kind of man who kept everything in a specific order; his treasured memories in a toolbox, his painting by numbers set in his study and his vast amounts of antiques in various boxes around the house. Despite it not being in a particularly orderly order, it was his order nonetheless, and he could find anything with ease in this manner. And so it always stunned Linda, at how this man, who could find his old fishing set and Love Handel records in record time amongst the junk that he owned, that every single time he got into his car, he would always enter on the wrong side.

Lawrence, she sighed once again, as he rolled down the passenger window to accommodate her gentle reminder. Youve done it again.

And then, he would always wear the same look of bewilderment as she said this, which both infuriated and amused her, before he would glance to the steering wheel to the left of him and exclaim the same thing every single time.

Ah, so I did!

Linda would have throttled the man if she didnt find it so endearing at the same time. Yes, she could appreciate that after driving for around twenty years on a certain side of the road, then it would be a difficult habit to break, and lapses into that could be slightly acceptable, but the same thing happened every day. It was almost as if he did it on purpose just to see the vein appear on her forehead whenever yet another traffic fine was posted through the door. However a separate part of Linda knew that he would never do anything to deliberately annoy her; he just happened to be very good at doing it accidentally.

Yet as much as she (mostly) managed to control her temper with him, and despite her undeniable inability to remain mad at him, she had promised herself to never, ever give Lawrence the keys to her car.

Yeah, bit of a continuation from the little scene in Traffic Cam Caper. To be honest, I have no idea if they even have separate cars in the show. Ive driven in France, where they also drive on the right, and it is INCREDIBLY difficult to remember to keep to the opposite side that you normally drive on, so I can sympathise with Lawrence on this one.

And special thanks to Qwwerty; Ive fixed the little inaccuracies in the previous chapter now. :)

Also, thanks for reading!


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